Best Screencapture Extension

Ninjacapture is comprised of available application features and you can hand-pick them to make use of, according to your needs.


Get capture, share and have access your screen in single click.

  • Capture a window of the browser. Let the end-user see what's visible on the screen.

  • Click tick to finish recording or cross to cancel. Commence lively afresh.

  • Ninjacapture is integrated with the varied saving destinations.

  • Annotate screenshots with ease. Add custom images, icons,shapes, masks.

best software to capture, annotate, and share screens

All In One Capture

Capture screenshots of full web pages or just a section of a page with all in one capture.Grab all with just one click or in the count of 3.

all in one capture
visible page screen capture

Visible Page Screen Capture

Capture the visible part of your screen as a high-quality digital image with All in one capture feature.

full page screen capture

Full Page Screen Capture

Capture full-page screenshots of web pages and share them with a single click. All in one capture tool for chrome

select area screen capture

Select Area Screen Capture

Capture a selected area from the desktop and seize the shot. Let the end-user see only the targeted section.

video capture

Video Capture

Capture a video from a webcam, screen, or video file and share in a single click.

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Record Webcam

NinjaCapture acknowledges web camera recording to personal touch with the audience.Toggle between webcam and screen recording during a video recording with Record webcam

record webcam
play and pause

Play And Pause

Switch between webcam and screen recording during a video. Start recording videos on your screen. Videos can be paused, rewound, fast-forwarded, and even deleted.

microphone and system audio

Microphone And System Audio

Record Webcam makes it easy to record webcam video, system audio, and microphone audio for your Video recording.

finish and cancel record

Finish And Cancel Record

With finish and cancel recording, you can stop a recording as soon as you finish it no more awkward pauses and dead air.

Find out more about Record Webcam

Instant Share And Save

Instant share and save your screen capture recordings to various Business communication and cloud storage apps. Access anywhere and anytime it in just one click.

instant share and save
save to cloud-based storage applications

Save to Cloud-Based Storage Applications

Save your important files to the cloud storage with this easy-to-use, share to your family and friends a free online file storage service.

share to business channels

Share to Business Channels

Share your favourite snaps and recordings to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. Worrisome sharing to multiple ports of call.

copy url with one click

Copy Url with One Click

Generate a short link for you with one click. Copy the link, share it, or use it however you like.



Quickly and easily download a screen recording of your computer, laptop or mobile device to view later.

Find out more about Instant Share And Save

Record Audio

NinjaCapture empowers to record Audio with ease of one snick and builds a good rapport with audiences.

record audio
microphone and system audio

Microphone and System Audio

Record audio from an ongoing discussion either in an audio or video meeting. It can be done from your videos from either a microphone or directly using the Record audio

set count down

Set Count Down

Set count down for record is a free tool for people who want to record an audio using their computer microphone.

real time audio timer

Real Time Audio Timer

Keep track of time with real time audio timer that lets you know how long a task will take.

Find out more about Record Audio

Screen Recording

Quickly record your display screen with our Screen Recording Software.Just click the “Start Recording” button and you can capture any area of your screen with Customise Frame rate and resolution.

screen recording
screen record options

Screen Record Options

Record screen option allows you to quickly record yourself working through steps to better understand a task and get the right solution within a stipulated time.

choose video dimensions and frame rates

Choose Video Dimensions and Frame Rates

Choose Video dimensions and Framrates is where you can find the best video formats, framerates and aspect ratios for your project.

set permissions

Set Permissions

Set permissions for your screen recording. Record videos from your computer screen, or other devices.

set countdown

Set Countdown

Set count down for your video to easily track when it's time to start and finish. Set a countdown timer and never forget your recording again

choose what to share

Choose What to Share

With the right browser extension, you can choose to share entire screens or just a window with your friends. Share what you're recording.

manage your recordings

Manage Your Recordings

Manage your Recordings, a screen recording feature, allows you to record your desktop screen on the fly.Recordings can then be shared privately or publicly, and edited within the tool.

Find out more about Screen Recording


Interpret your screen capture, Video and webcam Record like a pro. Add more significance and weighty your captures and recording with professional markup tools. Edit, Insert, trim recordings and screencaptures. All seamless elucidations embedded in one toolbar.

edit and insert in screencast

Edit and Insert In Screencast

Annotate screen captures with professional markup tools. When you share your screen with your peer mates, you can use this feature to point your annotations to the other participants on the same page.

add texts

Add Texts

Add texts to images with ease. Just upload your text, select the font and color, set the alignment and size, and add captions for your pictures.

add shapes and icons

Add Shapes and Icons

Make your screenshot designs more attractive and appealing with these easy-to-use shapes and icons. Add colorful rectangles, circles, or squares to your screenshot, and save it as a PNG file.

free hand annotation

Free Hand Annotation

Collaborate with anyone, anytime and anywhere. FreeHand Annotation makes it easy to share ideas in a way that everyone can understand.

Find out more about Annotations

Screenshot Capture

Take a Screenshot of your screen for instant use. Allow Screenshot Capture screen in real time, download it, and share it with your friends.

screenshot capture
capture visible part of page

Capture Visible Part of Page

Helps users to capture the visible part of the page with high quality resolution.

full page screen capture

Full Page Screen Capture

Capture the entire Screen with Full page screen Capture Mode.

capture selected area

Capture Selected Area

Capture Selected area of the screen and Share with your Friends and Colleuges.

count down

Count Down

With just one tap,set your own custom-length countdown to your screen and take screen shot of the screen

Find out more about Screenshot Capture

Cloud Storage

Share files and photographs and videos with your team or across your devices with and affordable cloud storage access, cloud storage has a plan for you.

cloud storage
manage multiple cloud storage accounts

Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts

Get ease access with google drive, you can easily store, share, and access all your files from any device with internet connection.

set permissions for your cloud storage

Set Permissions for your Cloud Storage

You can easily store, share, and access all your files with ninja cloud from any device with an internet connection.

copy and share your files

Copy and Share your Files

Copy and share your files is a free service that lets you upload and share files with your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else. Sharing files is easy with our intuitive web interface.

Find out more about Cloud Storage

Commenting Notes

Stay organized with your daily life,these are great for writing down quick reminders or thoughts you have during the day without having to carry around a notepad.

commenting notes
add comments

Add Comments

Keep track of everything from discussion notes to daily tasks by adding a note.

add descriptions

Add Descriptions

Add descriptions to your images and videos and easily explain the content of your images and videos and share it with your friends.

capture comments

Capture Comments

Capture Comments is a tool that you can use to collect feedback from your clients and colleagues. It can be used as a comment box, survey or voting system

Find out more about Commenting Notes

Video Management

Create videos with Ninjacapture and Capture moments in time and share with friends and family. Manage your videos with easy-to-use web controls.

video management
record video

Record Video

Record your video with a single touch and upload it to drive and share with friends and family.

upload to cloud storage

Upload to Cloud Storage

Upload your files to Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive with NinjaCapture.

download video

Download Video

Record your screen, add captions and download the video. Screen recording tool allows you to create videos from your desktop, laptop, tablet and other devices.

add descriptions to your video

Add Descriptions to Your Video

Easily add text descriptions to your videos. Instantly turn your video into an interactive and engaging experience.

share video

Share Video

Upload, share, and embed your videos. You can also change the appearance of your video to suit the needs of any occasion.

expand screen

Expand Screen

Adjustable utility allows you to change your screen's size so you can see more content on-screen or fit more content in, depending on how you need.

adjust playback speed

Adjust Playback Speed

Easy way to adjust the playback speed of any video in their browser. The player speed is indicated across the screen.

picture in picture

Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture mode for video lets you watch a video while performing another task and share with your friends and coworkers.

Find out more about Video Management

Audio Capture

Record any audio on your screen, modify it with built-in tools, and share it with the world. It's as simple as tapping the red circle on your screen to start recording.

audio capture
record audio

Record Audio

Capture every word of recording without distortion, high quality output with Audio Capture.

share audio files

Share Audio Files

Record and share audio recordings from your screen with Share Audio Files.

store audio files

Store Audio Files

Keep your audio files safe and secure on your local computer.Upload and download your audio files from anywhere with an internet connection.

Find out more about Audio Capture

File Sharing

Share your files with our free file sharing service. You can upload and share files with friends, family, work colleagues, or anyone else who you trust.

file sharing
upload to drive

Upload to Drive

Upload files from any device to your cloud-based Drive account and access them from any computer or mobile device.

share files

Share Files

Share files between your team, or share files with the world with this easy-to-use, secure, and private file sharing .

stay secure

Stay Secure

Keep your files private with multiple layers of security from the service that millions trust on.

set access control

Set Access Control

Set access control to restrict a user or group of users from accessing content on your file.

Find out more about File Sharing

Email Notifications

Share password-protected files, send file links via email, and invite people to view screen captures, among other things with Email Notifiactions.

email notifications
send file links through email

Send File Links Through Email

This new feature can save time with the need for repetitive email exchanges. Just send links of your files instead - people can then choose to open or download them based on their preference.

invite people to view screencapture

Invite People to View Screencapture

Tool that allows you to invite people to view your screen. The invite link will be in a form of email message that you can send it to anyone.

access files through email

Access Files Through Email

Gmail has an integrated file system that lets you access all of the data you need for the day straight from your inbox. They're simple to download and upload to your smartphone or computer.

share password for high secured files

Share Password for High Secured Files

Passwords can be securely shared with team members, and usage can be tracked. This app facilitates the sharing of highly secure files such as API keys, credentials, and so on. It's a simple way to keep track of your passwords.

Find out more about Email Notifications

Feedback Management

Customer feedback management is always a challenge. Our experience with our feedback solution means you can rely on us without fail. We provide real-time responses from your customers, meaning no delay in getting back to you.

feedback management
manage real time comments

Manage Real Time Comments

Manage comments with real time, high-quality conversations with NinjaCapture.

manage shared files privacy

Manage Shared Files Privacy

Manage your shared files, create privacy settings and more with this simple-to-use cloud storage service.

manage product descriptions

Manage Product Descriptions

Managing product descriptions has never been easier. Manage all your product descriptions on one screen. Add, edit or remove them in seconds.

Find out more about Feedback Management

Crop and Design

Crop and Design your Images with Screen Capture, take screenshots of your computer screen and crop them into desired sizes, and share.

crop and design
crop images

Crop Images

Resize images without the hassle of cropping by hand with crop image Feature.The ideal screen capture software for making quick changes to your photos.

customize images

Customize Images

Create your own images with just a few clicks. Customize backgrounds, text, colors, and more with our online tool.

edit images

Edit Images

Edit Images helps you easily and quickly edit images with stunning quality. Quickly add text, drawings, or any design you want to your photos and share.

Find out more about Crop and Design

Filters on Images

Add filters to your images with a few clicks and effects such as grayscale, sepia, blur, emboss, invert sepia2 or sharpen directly on your images.

filters on images
light and color correction

Light and Color Correction

Improve the quality of low light and color images make your photos look professionally edited with light and color correction.

noise reduction

Noise Reduction

Reduce noise in your images and give them an improved appearance with this software.

text insertion

Text Insertion

Quickly create captions, titles, or just give your image a more interesting title.

Find out more about Filters on Images

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