Best Software to Capture, Annotate, and Share Screens

Ninjacapture is comprised of available application features and you can hand-pick them to make use of, according to your needs.

Get capture, share and have access your screen in single click.

  • Capture a window of the browser. Let the end-user see what's visible on the screen.

  • Click tick to finish recording or cross to cancel. Commence lively afresh.

  • Ninjacapture is integrated with the varied saving destinations.

  • Annotate screenshots with ease. Add custom images, icons,shapes, masks.

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best software to capture, annotate, and share screens

All-In-One Capture

Capture screenshots of full web pages or just a section of a page. Opt from diverse Screencast alternatives- Visible page, Full page, Select area. Grab all with just one click or in the count of 3.

all-in-one capture
visible page screen capture

Visible Page Screen Capture

Save your current happenings at a go. NinjaCapture's all-in-one-capture feature allows you to cover your entire desktop, a specific region, or a window to capture the important

full page screen capture

Full Page Screen Capture

Content with no quality loss while you are on a session at ease.

select area screen capture

Select Area Screen Capture

You can also capture full-page and delayed screenshots with NinjaCapture's easy-to-use web clipper.

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Record Webcam

Ninjacapture acknowledges web camera recording to add a personal touch with the target audience. Toggle between webcam and screen recording during a video recording or resume with both.

record webcam
play and pause

Play And Pause

Switch between webcam and screen recording during a video.

microphone and system audio

Microphone And System Audio

Record Webcam is packed to record a live video, covered with a webcam or to record the screen while you are in a meeting, performing an important workflow activity.

finish and cancel record

Finish And Cancel Record

Use the recorder to add a personal touch with teammates or clients and save your captured data for further use.

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Instant Share And Save

Ninjacapture now lets you share and save your screen capture, recordings to various Business communication and cloud storage apps. Access anywhere and anytime. Pursuit in just one click.

instant share and save
save to cloud-based storage application

Save to Cloud-Based Storage Application

It can sometimes be a hassle to record the sessions, save them on your drive, or share it with your teammates, friends, or someone nearby.

share to business channels

Share to Business Channels

NinjaCapture allows you to the step-wise activity or process and share it with the respective receiver.

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Record Audio

Ninjacapture empowers to record Audio with ease of one snick and builds a good rapport with audiences.

record audio
microphone and system audio

Microphone And System Audio

Record audio from an ongoing discussion either in an audio or video meeting. It can be done from your videos from either a microphone or directly using the recording audio device from your digital device. The recorded audio can further be saved and retrieved whenever you need it and share in voice memos.

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Record Screen

Quickly record your Entire screen, visible area or select area.Toggle between webcam and screen recording during a video recording or pursue both.

record screen
microphone and system audio

Microphone And System Audio

Record screen option allows you to quickly record yourself working through steps to better understand a task and get the right solution within a stipulated time.

play and pause

Play And Pause

Either you can record your entire desktop or a selected area or even a window.

finish and cancel record

Finish And Cancel Record

Without downloading any external applications, you can directly avail of this feature.

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Interpret your screen capture, Video and webcam Record like a pro. Add more significance and weighty your captures and recording with professional markup tools. Edit, Insert, trim recordings and screencaptures. All seamless elucidations embedded in one toolbar.

edit and insert in screencast

Edit And Insert In Screencast

Annotate screen captures with professional markup tools. When you share your screen with your peer mates, you can use this feature to point your annotations to the other participants on the same page.

trim videos and merge

Trim videos and merge

Use this feature directly with no additional application or plug-in to be installed or added to your device.

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